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21.7.2014 Ma bibliographie en teintures végétales au naturel en version digitale - ebooks

Le seul et l'unique que je consulte en digital: "Fibres, fils et couleurs" de la subtile Ulrike Bogdan - en allemand, pdf

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Les autres...

The Dyer's Companion eBook , par Dagmar Klos, 122 Pages - ebook


Les bases pour les toute débutants, y compris des teintures synthétiques

Présentation de l'éditeur. "Originally published in 2004, the highly popular The Dyer's Companion is now available in eBook format, exclusively here in the Spinning Daily Shop! This eBook is the essential tool for dyeing natural or synthetic fibers, fabric, or yarns.

We tend to take color for granted, assuming that when we need a color it will be instantly available... and, gone are the days when artists knew how to make their paints from natural sources. So, where do we get color, and how do we get it onto fiber? Take control of your color wheel and learn anew the ancient arts, along with modern methods, of hand-dyeing your own fabric and yarns!

This handy, easy-to-use reference offers a wealth of indispensible information on:

  • Equipment and supplies
  • Types of dyes
  • Preparation
  • Safety
  • Measurements
  • Dyeing recipes and procedures
  • Proper dye disposal methods
  • Record keeping
  • Full color section showcasing skeins of color-graduated yarn"

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BAXTER. J'ai eu l'occasion d'acheter les trois livres digitaux de Kimberley Baxter-Packwood - bof de chez bof.

Rust and Clay Dyeing (63 pages) $3.99 was $14.95 - PDF format (càd 2.28€ au lieu de 11.35€, ouf! elle a diminué les prix. Ils sont gonflés ces auteurs autoproclamés qui vendent cher et bonbon des extraits de blogs!).
In this book Kimberly Baxter Packwood covers multiple techniques on rust dyeing, how to obtain rust, and how to stop it's progression. Step-by-step detailed color photos.
Chapter 1 Rust Dyeing
Chapter 2 Earth and Iron Oxide Dyeing
Chapter 3 Discharge Dyeing Rust
Chapter 4 Pigment, Ocher, & Clay Painting
Chapter 5 Resists & Other Techniques

Mark Making with Nature: Surface Design with Natural Dyes(51 pages) $3.99 was $14.95 - PDF format.
Topics Covered:
Screen Printing with natural dyes, using thickeners and more.
Bound Resists with natural dyes how to obtain rich layers of color on fabrics.
Monoprinting & Stamping with natural dyes. Create additional depth and design to your fabrics by stamping and printing them using natural dyes and pigments.
Dye Painting with natural dyes using thickeners, gutta resists, and much much more
Pigment Painting: using pigments with natural dyes to create additional character to your art cloth.

Compost Dyeing and Other Fermentation Dyeing Techniques (44 Pages) $3.99 was $14.95
Learn how to dye with natural dye materials using eco-friendly and sustainable methods.
14 Methods of acquiring color and patterns on fabric using your compost pile and much more
Mineral Dyeing
Rust Dyeing
Solar Dyeing and much, much more
Washing and neutralizing fabrics with rust
Mold and how to manage mildew and moldy fabrics

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